What Taylor song do you connect to most and why?
The winner of this challenge is "Alex" who relates to mean.


mary sarte
06/05/2012 2:54pm

I guess i mostly connect to "never grow up". I connect to that song because all my life i've wanted to become an artist, i hated my life because i wasn't treated fairly because im only 13 right now, so i really want to grow up so peoply will understand me more. But then after i heard her song "never grow up" i realized why should i want to grow, being a kid is the best thing in the world and if i grow up and look at my childhood the memories will be depressing. Also my parents and aunties, uncles and grandparents won't be by my side forever so i have to make the most of everything. Im not ready to grow up yet. I think that's whaty connects me to this song, hope that makes sense. (P.s im a new swiftie)

06/05/2012 8:40pm

i relate most to the song Mean, cuz i was bullied at school and i felt so bad, but then when Taylor, released this song, i fell IN LOVE with it, i couldnt thank more to Taylor for writing that song, she helped me stand up to it! THANK YOU

06/06/2012 12:59am

My most relateable song is A Place In This World, because some times I feel like I'm alone with no one to help me.


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