Share your most magical experience with Taylor and how it changed you life. The winner of this challenge is Tahnia. Many, may not get why seeing Taylor isn't more magical, but I can feel her pain~ for my story is anything than a fairytale.
6/2/2012 04:18:02

My most magical moment? I was at a Speak Now concert, and she was going around on her 'Juliet Balcony.' I was in a group of people, all yelling and making the heart with our hands. She pointed down at us and made the heart, also! I was elated! :)

6/4/2012 07:09:53

Hmm, my most magical moment had to be when Taylor first came out during the SNWT. The way her dress sparkled, the fog, and screaming fans, it was flawless! I will honestly NEVER forget it! I was sobbing :')

martha grace
6/4/2012 10:30:45

i was at the speak now world tour and she came out and looked around the arena and smiled. i was screaming and i saw her look at me. it was amazing

6/4/2012 20:36:00

My most magical moment was when I bought my first Taylor Swift CD. I haven't been to a concert, but I will someday.


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